Statues in Eurovea

COLIN SPOFFORTH is a leading ENGLISH SCULPTOR. TRY TO SPOT ALL his playful designs around the shopping centre!

EUROVEA has been showcasing Colin Spofforth's wonderful statues since July 2013 - they've become a wonderful and unique selfie opportunity for our visitors to share on social media. 
His statues' concept and design incorporate the function and use of space, becoming an inherent part of form and function.
Each statue at EUROVEA has an individual name and character related to the Six White Mice fairytale - written by Colin's wife.
Statues with a soul and story bring visitors a delightful artistic experience.
Come and discover six magic white mice at EUROVEA.

SIX white mice...

In a little village by a wide river and in the shadow of a castle on a hill, bad things are happening...
A greedy king and spoilt queen meet their match when a band of magical performers, two brave children, and six white mice revolt. This wonderful fairytale includes elements of greed, trust, friendship, bravery and all-conquering love. Enjoy  Six White Mice's daring rescues, magical performances and a heroic ending. Follow the map to find each performer, who have also hidden the mice from the greedy king's soldiers - so you must seek high and low to find the little creatures! Mark their hiding places on your map - but keep it safe and sound from the soldiers' prying eyes!



Ring Master

Eccentric and magical leader. With twisted pipe and twinkle in his eye, the Ring Master always makes everything right in the end, and leads his troops into the heart of danger to perform a daring rescue and free the town.



A worried handyman responsible for ensuring all props are in fine feckle. Rather inclined to worry and see the glass as half empty, yet unfailingly loyal and self-sacrificing.



A brave and fun fiery young girl - talented tightrope walker and acrobat whose skills rescue the kids from the dungeons. She loves all the performers as her family - especially the Ring Master. She likes to tease her twin brothers.


Zip and Zap

Isabelle´s very protective brothers who are also acrobats and tight rope walkers, and fret over what she does. Like twins they tend to finish each other´s sentences, especially when arguing with Isabelle.


Zac and Maggie

A young boy with magical fingers that can play an instrument lightening-fast - putting an audience into a trance with his beautiful music. Maggie is his sidekick performing dog whose tricks and dancing people adore accompanied by Zac’s unique music.



This sad clown's magic mirror is all-seeing - which proves a heavy burden for Pier, making him seem miserable even when happy. Quietly and calmly stands beside the Ring Master through dangers, and always prepared to do whatever necessary.



As big and strong as a bear, yet a gentle giant loved by children. Stubborn and loyal and can lift anything - even three donkeys on each arm! But his Achilles heel is a fear of water... the children beg him to swim the Danube but he always finds an excuse!



The trapeze artist who swings higher and better than anyone else! Brave and commited, she's determined to rescue her friend Meadow from the greedy king and spoilt queen. She'll fight by the Ring Master‘s side tirelessly until they reach Meadow and the stolen children.



A very beautiful stilt walker who breathes fire, brave and loyal, and is secretely in love with Pat. All fall under her entracing spell as she dances.


A very brave and handsome acrobat and fire eater with legendary skills and a fierce temper. He'd happily take on all enemies and sacrifice himself for the Ring Master. Pat fights to protect the weak, and has complete confidence in the Ring Master's ability to right all wrongs.

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