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9:00 - 21:00
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9:00 - 21:00
+421 220 915 365

Café Revive (Marks & Spencer Café) is an exclusive café run within or adjacent to Marks & Spencer stores.

This unique project is popular with many loyal Marks & Spencer customers as well as with first time visitors. The style of the cafés is (with minor variations) identical worldwide and the Eurovea café is not an exception. Café Revive (Marks & Spencer Café) is synonymous with relaxation, refreshment and revitalization. Every customer, tired and weary after an exhausting day of shopping, no doubt welcomes an opportunity to relax and be refreshed in a unique atmosphere. Indecisive ladies can "leave" their weary spouses and continue shopping.

All beverages served in Café Revive (Marks & Spencer Café) are solely Marks & Spencer brand. The freshly ground coffee is certified Organic and Fairtrade and is also available pre-packaged in the food department, both in ground, instant, as well as decaffeinated form. The tea selection is also by Marks & Spencer and includes both black and herbal varieties. Café Revive also provides other non-alcoholic beverages, all of the Marks & Spencer brand, such as hot chocolate or delicious natural juices, popular especially among the youngest visitors. All beverages may be enjoyed both in the café, or taken away.

Apart from beverages, the café offers freshly-made breakfast as well as light hot meals, such as seasonal soups, salads, toasted sandwiches, jacket potatoes with a variety of fillings etc. There is also a large selection of freshly-baked gateaux, cakes, donuts and other pastries.

Daily newspapers and TV, as well as free wi-fi, contribute to the relax atmosphere of Café Revive (Marks & Spencer Café).


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